Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Six Week Update

Jackman turned six weeks old today. I can not believe our baby is already six weeks old. The past few weeks have been an exhausting blur, and just about the time we start getting used to it, everything is about to change again.

We have been going to the hospital every night and staying till visiting hours were over, but Lisa started back to work today. That means a few different things:

First, Lisa has to go visit Jackman earlier now she can get home and get in bed. Today she went straight to the hospital from work. I was with the Youth tonight, so I didn't get to head up to the hospital until it was time for Lisa to leave. I found out we actually passed each other in the parking deck tonight. I just got home and she's already asleep. I didn't even get to find out how her first day back went.

The next thing is that since Lisa is going to be pretty much just working and visiting Jackman, I get to be the little homemaker. That should be interesting. Also, when Jackman comes home, I get to be the stay at home mom. That should be really interesting. Does anyone have a training video I can borrow like Mr. Mom, Daddy Daycare, or Mrs. Doubtfire?

Well, let me update Jackman's status because I keep nodding off. We found out yesterday that they will re-evaluate Jackman in 2 more weeks and see if it's time for surgery. That means in the best case scenario, we would get to bring him home in about a month as long as he recovers well. Of course, that's about the extent of what we know now. Anything else we will find out on the fly including when the surgery will be. Most likely they will call us up one day out of the blue and say they are about to start. That's the way the others went.

Lately, Jackman has had some trouble. That's mainly why I'm not my normal self. It's really hard to see him not feeling well. The trouble is with the thing called a replogle, which is that awful suction tube going up his nose and down his throat. It really irritates him. it used to be in his mouth but he kept pulling it out, so they put it up his nose. Well now he's pulling those out.

A couple of days ago something happened that clogged the replogle, and he got choked on his own spit backing up (oh yeah, the purpose of the replogle is to suction out the spit he swallows since it can't go to his stomach. If it doesn't come out, it fills his esophagus then goes down his windpipe). After that they replaced it, but it took a wrong turn and went down his windpipe instead of his esophagus. That hurt him, and since then he's been hacking and coughing and choking. It's so horrible to hear. I know it probably sounds worse that it is, but it sounds awful.

Needless to say he hasn't been real happy the past few days. I just wish he could have some peace and get some sleep.

Speaking of sleep, I better get some. Sorry this post is so dreary, I'm just bummed that Jackman feels bad. But he's healthy. He's considered a "well baby" by the nurses, and he'll get to feeling better. I just have to keep giving him to God, especially now.

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  1. We are so sorry our little nephew has had a rough week. We cannot wait until he is home with you guys for good! We love all three of you!