Thursday, March 4, 2010

Long Time, No Post...

Well, obviously we must be taking care of a baby or something, because I have been informed by several people that I am "slacking" when it comes to posting new stuff on Jackman. It turns out he's a handful, and keeps us hoppin' like Flo at the Yellow Rose (remember the waitress that used to say "kiss my grits").

Lisa is back at work now, and I'm finishing up my second week of taking care of the boy on my own. I have a new found respect for the "little homemaker" or "housewife" and every other un-glorious name for the job. I didn't realize it would test the limits of my sanity. Hat's off to all you stay-at-homers.

I knew I could handle the lifting, and the heat, and the hours..... that's the kind of things guys consider before they go into a job. I don't think we normally consider the going nuts part of it. This is way different than anything I have ever done before. We are talking totally uncharted territory here.

But seriously, Jackman has really took it easy on his old man so far. Taking care of him is really the easy part... trying to figure out how to keep the house together is what is driving me nuts. It's like I told Lisa, "I won't drop the ball when it comes to the boy, but I'm a little worried about keeping up with the rest". It's coming together though, and I'm starting to get the hang of it.

It's only been two weeks. We're still working on trying to get a routine down. Part of that is Jackman's training. We're still working on eating. That's slow going, but it's getting messier, so that's a plus. We've sped up his feeds from 60 minutes to 38 minutes and he's doing just fine (each time we feed him through the tube, he is fed slowly so he can tolerate it. Speeding up his feeds is a good thing if he is handling it well).

Jackman went last week for a dilation (stretch-y-otomy). That's where he going into the OR and basically gets like an endoscopy, but they use a little balloon to stretch the little area of his esophagus that was sown together. It tends to tighten up, so we have to go back to Children's every three weeks for a while to have that done.

All in all, Jackman is healthy as a horse. We're all very fortunate. It may take us a little while to get the whole baby program figured out. A lot of people forget - for me and Lisa its like we've only had a baby for a month... because we've only HAD him a month. It shouldn't be too long before we get mobile.

Keep your eyes open. Whenever we get a few minutes I'll upload some new home-life pictures so you can see the Jackman in his natural habitat.
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