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hair - 1 a : a slender threadlike outgrowth of the epidermis of an animal; especially : one of the usually pigmented filaments that form the characteristic coat of a mammal b : the hairy covering of an animal or a body part; especially : the coating of hairs on a human head

The picture above is not a coconut, it is God's view of my boy (well, if he was already walking it would be, but you get it).

Hair is a big deal. You may think it's silly, but it reveals something about you to others. It's obviously important; God made it. The word is used in it's various forms 83 times in the Bible. That may not sound like much in a book that contains nearly a million words, but then again, the book isn't about hair.

I myself have been conducting a social experiment on hair for the past 15 months or so. That's how long it's been since I cut mine. Results are pending, but I have definitely noticed that many people, but not all, view me differently. And especially new people I meet have a different assumption of who I am than the ones did back when it was high and tight in June '08.

Well, everything about my boy is important to me, even his hair. According to the Bible the very hairs of his head are numbered and not a single one falls out without God's knowing about it. So now the survey on the boy's hair may not seem so silly now, even though it's for fun.

When Jackman was born, I was a little nervous at first. I knew he would have a head full of dark hair, but his back and shoulders were covered with peach fuzz, and the first thing I thought of was the story of Esau. Weird how that works out; The name Jackman is a derivative of the name Jacob, the twin brother of Esau - the hairy one. Maybe he won't end up looking like he's wearing a sweater to the swimming pool when he's older.

Anyway, I just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on the hair. The nurses in NICU have gone wild over his hair; they love it. As you can see by the poll, there are three main categories of "Jackman hair": The Little Business Man, The Frizzy Chimp, and The Mohawk. Let me explain.

The Little Business man - goes without saying. All business. A nice neat little part that only needs a little suit and tie to seal the deal. This hair projects a sense of responsibility , decisiveness, and drive, and says "nothing personal, just business".

The Frizzy Chimp - Otherwise known as baby bed head, the adult version would most likely be seen on college students that come in the door last, or the guy who bring you your pizza. This hair projects a sense of blissful ignorance to all time restraints, and a carefree attitude towards just about everything. The Frizzy Chimp says "huh? yeah, whatever man, I'm coming, chill".

The Mohawk - most recently rocked by Hunter Lovett, the Mohawk exudes confidence, strength, and vitality. When the Little Business Men and Frizzy Chimps of this world see the Mohawk coming, they freeze in humble adoration and awe of the intimidating crest of hair that is rivaled only by the mane of a strutting Lion on the plains of Africa. It is truly a sight to BEHOLD! It says "Here I am".

I have an idea of my boy's personality already, but we're still getting to know each other. I'm looking forward to seeing who my boy will grow into. I give him to God everyday to make out of him what He wants, and for His pleasure. I know God is going to use him in an amazing way for Himself, not sure how that will look, but as long as God is happy with Jackman, that's all I ask for. I hope he says to God "Here I am".
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