Wednesday, September 2, 2009

For Your Viewing Pleasure...

One of our favorites.

Another favorite.

That's the real deal. Rock 'n Rolla.

All bundled up.

All sprawled out (22 ins.) rockin the mohawk.

I finally got a smile on camera...not easy.

Still can't believe I'm a daddy.

Jackman Dale and Trussel Dale (photo by Gregory Dale)
Too much Harper for one place?

I love this one. That's my boy.

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  1. Wonderful photos! We continue to keep you in our prayers!
    Chris and Dave Finnegan in NM

  2. I think my daughter got the raw end of the deal regarding the hair. I don't know how she didn't have a full head of it when she came out. I have a lot of hair now that I'm older and Paul has a lot of hair. Shoot, his mother has a lot of hair. You know my dad has quite a headfull himself. I think most of us did when we were born. I know that you and Jeff sure did. I know Adrienne did. Except me, the pictures that I have seen of me as a baby show that I was in between. Well, I believe we get it from the Smitherman side of the family actually. I'm not trying to burst the Harper side bubble. But, if you look at all the Smitherman family pictures they have more hair than the Harper side. I've noticed it was Archie Smitherman who had a lot of hair in the picture of him that Grandma has. I believe Mamaw had a head full of hair too if my memory serves me right. She was originally a Scott before becoming a Smitherman. Anyways, the hair did not come from the Harper side is what I'm saying. Sorry to correct you on that. Hey, we can still be proud to be Harpers. Even though my last name isn't Harper I'm proud to be in the bloodline.
    LOL Kecia