Wednesday, May 13, 2009

About the profile pic...

Just a little background on the profile pic. I'm not really into all the cutesy-cutesy stuff, but I have to admit this was my idea, and I had to get Lisa to go along with it. I also have to admit that I made two signs - depending on if we found out baby boy Harper was actually baby girl Harper.
It's pretty self explanatory really. On 3/5/09 we found out (or rather got confirmation) that baby boy Harper was in fact a boy. Both of us had a really strong feeling he was a boy. Almost all our friends (except two who shall remain unnamed) figured him for a boy as well.
Well, just to show the boy sometime in the future that I really was excited about his arrival, and to mark the occasion, I spent hours making this elaborate sign. I would have been cool with a girl, but I was really happy when we found out he was a him. Hopefully, the presently unnamed baby boy will grow up and keep our lineage going with some boys of his own (but a couple of girls here and there will be okay too).
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