Friday, October 16, 2009

Nurses' Pet...

Well, Jackman turned two months old Monday, and nine weeks old on Wednesday. There's not really any news to update. We are all still waiting while Jackman is growing. He is growing by the way; over 11 lbs now and almost 23 ins long. If we're not careful, he's going to outgrow some little outfits before we outfit him with them. We're looking at waiting another 2-3 weeks before there's any re-evaluation or surgery. Sow we're all just being patient, and enjoying life.

Apparently, Jackman is really enjoying life. It sounds like he's got it made, and got all the nurses wrapped around his little- little finger.

One of the nurses has been planning Halloween outfits for him for a month. You would think it's her kid. She can wait to get him fixed up in something. She given us a list of all her ideas, and if we don't bring her something to dress him up in, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to come in and find that she's taken it upon herself to provide a costume.

It's painfully obvious at this point that Jackman has become the top dawg in the NICU. All the nurses love him, and they are spoiling him rotten. It's like having teams of grandparents tending a baby 'round the clock. Just tonight, when we got there, he was propped up in a baby chair watching a DVD. Last night he started fussing, so one of the nurses sat with him and started studying with him... apparently he likes to study.

Tonight was the best. We had just got him to sleep, and started to head for home. When we left and got off the elevator, Lisa realized that we left the camera under his bed. She went back to go get it, and when she got back in the NICU, our nurse had gotten him out of bed, got in the rocker, and was watching another movie with him. Caught in the act.

We understand now why they are getting so fond of him. Several of the nurses have told us it's rare for them to have a baby in there they can "play" with. Most of the babies really need intensive care, hence the IC in NICU. Jackman really looks out of place there now. He's really in good shape.

I think another reason they are all hooked on him is due to the fact that he's smiling at them now. Once one of those nurses gets a smile from him, they are hooked. One nurse was working on the seventh floor NICU about a week or so ago, and on her break came down to our NICU to see Jackman. He's almost laughed a few times too. I will make him laugh within two weeks, I'm so close now. He's doing everything but actually making the laughing sound. Whenever he starts laughing, he's really going to have a following. I bet they never hear that up there.

There may be one more reason for all the nurses swooning over Jackman... the name. I think it does something to them. It must have some sort of associative value. His new nickname (according to the nurses) is "Hugh", if that tells you anything.

Yep, Jackman has got it made. He wants for nothing. I think I can speak for Lisa when I say that we don't worry about him being up there. We are really thankful for all those nurses up there. Almost all of them treat Jackman like he's their own flesh and blood. I think when our time at Children's Hospital is over, the three of us are going to miss all those nurses... I'm sure they will miss "Hugh" too.
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  1. This sure is heart warming and I believe every word about how much the nurses love him and what good care they give. He is a doll!!!!