Friday, February 12, 2010

6 Months Old!!!

Guess who's six months old today? I you guessed Jackman, you are correct. I know it's a little obvious, but that's okay.

Anyway, we have been at home for over a week now. It's been quite an experience. You may have noticed quite a drop off in the frequency of blog post, and i assure you it is directly proportional to the redness of my eyes. Needless to say we have gotten very little sleep since we got home. Turns out Jackman is used to getting a lot of attention.

Things have gone pretty good, but the past few days are a blur. Me and Lisa both got sick... probably from being exhausted. I think that makes taking care of the boy a little tougher, but we're figuring things out. We keep asking each other questions like: "Is he supposed to sleep this much? Is he supposed to sound like that? Is that diaper going to hold? How do we clean this up? What do we do now?"

We've already had a few crazy moments. You know a diaper change has gone south when someone starts yelling for towels and plastic bags. Yesterday I trimmed his mullet. No joke... his hair was laying on his back. I just trimmed up the back and a little on the sides - just a clean up job. His hair is still in his eyes. I'm still not confident enough to do the whole thing yet.

Well, keep your eyes peeled, you never know when you may see Jackman out on the town. He's getting restless at home, so we are going to start venturing out little by little. We've got one more week of easy time until Lisa goes back to work, and then who knows what's going to happen. It'll be just me and the boy then. I don't know how the two of us will manage without mama around all day long, but we'll take it moment by moment.

We are all enjoying ourselves (don't be fooled by the screaming coming from inside our house). It really is good to all be home together. We all miss the nurses because we had gotten so close to them, but everyone is glad we're home. I think we are all starting to get used to the idea of living together, and finding it pretty agreeable.

Hopefully, in the near future, we'll get a chance to put up some new pictures and videos, and maybe even update Jackman's status. The last major thing to overcome is getting him to take feeds by mouth instead of through the g-tube. That's going to take a while seeing how you could put everything he's ever ate by mouth in his life to date in a single table spoon. The boy is doing good though... I'm proud of him.

Stay tuned...
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  1. yea!!! Glad to know things are going well!!! Would love to know who took your pictures, might want to use them to take pictures of our family. Please send me the info, if you have time.