Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Jackman Pics...

If you are on Facebook, you are in luck. Our friends, Robert and Holly, came to the hospital last weekend to get some really good pictures of the boy. Robert posted a sampling of them on his Facebook, in the album THE Jackman aka Lil Harp. Click the link to check'em out. Robert took the pictures of Jackman at Halloween. He does a good job, and gets some really unbelievable shots. Check out his other albums of work he's done for other people. When you get ready for some family pictures, give him a call. I can put you in touch.

If you're not on Facebook, you can try the link and see if you get lucky, but you may have to wait till we post a few on the blog... (you are so jealous of Facebook people right now). I'll try to make it quick.
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1 comment:

  1. I want to see the pictures...I am not allowed on Facebook...Harp, you know my hubby is not a FB fan...So, PLEASE post the pictures here!
    PS. Let's get together again...soon, maybe for dinner or Lunch on Monday (it is a Holiday)