Thursday, October 25, 2012

Brand New Blog!

Hey Folks,

You may have noticed that this blog has always kind of focused heavily on Jackman, and Brolin managed to squeeze his way in there just a little bit before I got too busy to keep it up. I don’t guess I’ve ever explained, but since Jackman was born, I’ve been back in school. For three years now I’ve been working toward a B.S. in Religion – Biblical Studies at Liberty University, and now I only have a few weeks left before I graduate. That is one big reason I wasn’t able to keep up the blog after Brolin came along. It was a tough choice – pick two out of three: blog, family, homework. Well, the blog lost out for a while.

Anyway, there are still things I’d like to write about, and things I’ve learned that I would like to pass on. But the boys just aren’t quite ready for that stuff yet, and I really don’t have a platform for that at the moment either. Hence, the new blog: Public Servant’s Announcement. Needless to say The Harper Times has become “sacred,” so it will remain devoted to the family and what God is doing with us, through us, and for us. This story ain’t over.

The new blog, Public Servant’s Announcement, will tackle some things that would just seem out of place and awkward here. Please check it out, and please follow the blog. There’s also a gadget on the right sidebar so that enables you to follow by email. Keep in mind that I will be covered up with homework (both kinds) until December 14th, but I am almost finished with school. I’m looking forward to this. If you have any suggestions, let’s hear ‘em. 
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